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Welcome home
I have fond memories of the taste of tea, from the many afternoons, coming back from school when my mother always had ready a cup of tea for me, with milk. This was at a time when tea was practically unknown outside the therapeutic sector. This was at the beginning of the 70’s. Many years later when I joined my parents family coffee business, my student trips led me to discover lots of coffee and tea shops in France and the memory of those cups of tea gave me the urge to make my first tea imports in the second half of the 80’s.
“My mother was at home most afternoons when I came back from school”
The warm welcome of those first cups of tea led me to create the brand Sans & Sans in 1993 and open an exclusive place for Sans & Sans teas at calle Argenteria 59, in Barcelona, where tea has its own aesthetic and atmosphere.
“Tea has its own aesthetic and atmosphere”
We chose to take the path of excellence, to the topmost quality, supported by research, systematic tastings, long-lasting relationships with suppliers and producers, travel to the places of origin, and with open minds to new trends. An example of this is our achievement in 2003 introducing nylon pyramid tea bags in Spain.

In 2001 my wife Alexandra Witty a passionate tea lover joined the company, reinforcing our team, and propels us towards the future. The two Sans brands are working in the Company waiting for the future generation.
Salvador Sans