Thailand Oolong

Unlike many other Southeast Asian countries, Thailand and the Thai people traditionally didn’t have a tea culture or cultivation of their own. Only some hill tribes to the north of the country that had migrated from China around 200 years ago used to collect tea and drink it for their own consumption. In the early 1990,s the Thai government decides to finish with the opium cultivation that dominated the mountains of the so called Golden Triangle.
To substitute the cultivation they incentivated those of other plants and fruits, amongst them, tea. The ethnic Chinese communities of the mountain enclaves Doi Mae Salong and Doi Wawee, established at the beginning of the 1950,s by remnants of the Chinese General Chiang Kai Shek’s army, remembered their old ties with other members of this army settled in the mountains of Ali Shan in Taiwan importing some varieties ,especially hybrids no.12 and no.17 that acclimatized successfully to these mountains. Thailand joins the excellence in the cultivation and manufacture of tea in this part of the world.

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