Le Dôme Tea


White tea, green tea with jasmine, lemongrass, orange and lemon peel, rose petals. Aromas.

From 12,00 to 120,00

In The “Roaring twenties ” in Paris they celebrate the Joie de vivre. The suffragettes ideas, the young flappers with short hair, the jazz and the trips to the Orient are in fashion. It is at the time that the House of Guerlain creates an exquisite and timeless perfume: Shalimar. In our tea the jasmine, the rose and the vanilla give the oriental note, at the same time ; bergamot, orange, lemon and lemongrass contribute to the aroma and refreshing taste.

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75 gr. Can, Bag 1 kg, Bag 100gr, Bag 250gr., Bag 500gr.