Moscato Tea


White tea, liquorice roots, sweet blackberry leaves, eldeberry flower, pineapple pieces, natural aroma of : peach, orange blossom and grape.

From 8,50 to 85,00

Our friends and neighbours from Vilaviniteca (www.vilaviniteca.es) were those that made us know about Moscato d’Asti, this Italian sweet wine and low graduation that has been produced for centuries in the Italian Piamonte.Named Moscato for its aroma to muscatel grape, this wine is made with white Moscato grape and by the “frizzante” method. It is sweet in the mouth and has lots of flavour of tropical fruit, stone fruit and orange. We like it so much that we inspired ourselves in its aroma and flavour, in a base of white tea, propose a sweet tea of a wide fruit palette.

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