Té Fragolino


Black tea with strawberry and pineapple, pink pepper and turmeric root.

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As a child I loved “Sugus” , soft candies  of different colors and taste. I used to eat the red ones together with the blue ones (pineapple and strawbery) and the orange ones with the yellow ones (orange and lemon) With this memory and the lecture of the chapter about pineapple and strawbery in the book Papillae and Molecules  by our friend François Chartier where it says “… pineapple and strawberry, inspite their great difference in color and structure, share the same volatile compounds that are expressed by numerous identical aromatic molecules”.   We got started to create a tea with these two flavours. We tried many strawberry and pineapple aromas until we found the ones we most liked. But there was something missing, so a chat with François opened our eyes to find a “links between pineapple and curry, reason for its presence in some india curries”. Et voila!¡. We hope you like it.

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