Infusión Lemon Verbena


Preparation per a cup of 150 ml

  • 3 gr
  • Water temperature: 90/95 º C
  • Infusion time: 2- 3 min

Intense flavor and aroma of fresh lemon. Clean mug with a touch of spice. Ideal to drink hot or cold. Caffeine free.




Lemon Verbena is grown by The Msuwadzmi Small Holders Association , a group of  200 small farmers that  Satemwa Tea Estates have helped become  Fair Trade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance. Satewa works with them in collaboration to grow and harvest herbs, flowers and specialty teas. Their lands are located in the higlands of the Shire Higland, south of Malawi, in Thyolo. The growers collect the leaves with great care and by hand. The leaves are then partially dried in the sun and with a dryer.

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