Colombia Bitaco


organic black tea. Origin: L. Bitaco, La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Mild and sweet taste with citrus notes like orange


BITACO The only tea-producing garden in Colombia is located in the upper and middle basin of the Bitaco River in the Valle Del Cauca, more specifically near the municipality of La Cumbre. This is an area of Andean forest in which the 51 hectares of the farm next to a plantation of aromatic plants have become a strategic corridor for the species between the Atlantic and Pacific basins. In Bitaco there are 256 species of birds, 28 of amphibians, 23 of reptiles and there are 772 species of plants. The company that owns Agrícola Himalaya, firmly believes in the social responsibility that it promotes through numerous investments and programs to help the community being also the biggest generators of employment. In addition, their concern for the environment has led them to leave half of their property as a forest, taking care of soil and water sources. It is certified organic (ECOCERT and UTZ good inside). As for the tea they cultivate assamica, sinnensis and cambodian between 1800 and 2050m. This high altitude combined with the tropical climate, luminosity and the high mountain sun, the pure and sustainable environment and the irrigation with pure mountain water contribute to the mild and tasty taste of this exceptional tea.

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100 gr. Bag