GOLDEN TIPS,Yunnan,China tea


Lightly  toasted, caramel notes, floral reminiscent of roses and fruity like Apricot.


The Ding Gu Da Fang is one more evidence of the close relationship between Buddhism and tea culture. Thus, according to local records, a monk named Da Fang, who lived in a temple on the summit of the Lao Zhu Feng mountain at the time of the Song Dynasty, cultivated, collected and manufactured the leaves that served the disciples of the Order. The quality of the infusion passed through the walls of the monastery and as Da Fang developed a particular personal technique for manufacturing his knowledge was passed on to local farmers who thrived on sales. In gratitude they added the name of the monk to Ding Gu (Top of the valleye). The reputation of this tea was growing until it reached the rank of Tribute to the Emperor during the Qing Dynasty.

The best Da Fang, cultivated at 1,000m, like the one we offer you, is collected and manufactured before the Ching Ming Festival, that is, at the end of March.

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