Gyokuro Tea, Organic, Yamaguchi Family, Kagoshima


Tea with intense character, full fragrance. With vegetable/seaweed-like flavor and minerals. Very rich in theanine (sweetness)

Cultivars:  Kanaya Midori


During the Edo era (1603-1867), the predominant Satsuma clan encouraged tea cultivation among the peasants of Kagoshima prefecture. Although the region was known until the early 50’s of the last century for its massive production of cheap tea, the introduction of the Yabukita cultivar and great mprovements in the management of tea on the farms have positioned this appellation of origin as a supplier of teas of a high level of quality.

Mr. and Mrs. Yamaguchi grow tea in their 10-hectare organic garden located south of Kagoshima. They do everything by themselves, from preparing organic compost and soil, tending the tea plants, harvesting and manufacturing the tea.

For several years they specialized in the preparation of Sencha and later in Gyokuro. In 2016 they manufactured for the first time Gyokuro made from the cultivar Kanaya of small leaves, delicate and very rich in theanine, which gives the drink its great sweetness and relaxing properties.

A limited edition of a rare and extraordinary Gyokuro.

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