Lung Ching Mei Jia Wu (Zhejiang) Tea


Green tea pan fried by hand. Light nutty aroma, very smooth taste and pleasant flowery aftertaste


Though there are false imitations, the genuine Lung Ching has never been matched and is one of those surprising wonders in the world of tea which has enchanted amateur lovers of the best green teas for generations Not in vain, the very same Lu Yu (733-804 ) himself, auhor of the first book written about tea, already mentions it as a drink for worship. Lung Ching is grown near Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang,an area well known for its magnificent Oriental Lake (Xi Hu). The denomination of origin has an extension of aproximately 168 sq. kms.The place of origin is amongst the hills surrounding the town of Longjing,though today the area has extended to Shi Feng, Mei Jia Wu and XiHu. There are subtle differences in these prestigious teas from each of these towns. depending on the soil. A moderate climate (16ºC average), good rainfalls, humid air, mists, altitude and the cultivar Longjing 43 all add up to give tea bushes their supreme quality . The meticulous artisan work in the manufacture of this tea starts with the picking done in 3 periods which determines the finished quality Pre-Quinming (end of March to 5th April), Pre-Guyu ( 6th to 20th April) and Post-GuYu (as from the 21st April on) After winter, as the weather becomes warmer and milder, the leaves begin to grow on the bushes. When the buds reach a length of 1 to 2cms it is now the time to start picking the buds and the first two leaves closest to the bud and not bigger than the buds themselves. At this point the buds contain a higher concentration of theanine that changes into poliphenols thanks to the action of sunlight which contributes greatly to the sweetness of the infusion. The standarization systems for the denomination of origin consist on 7 grades for quality: from superior (qiquiang) and special (queshe) to the 5 others in decreasing order of quality. To obtain 1 kg of finished tea for the Qiquiang 70000 to 80000 buds and the 1st leaf must be plucked. The creators of Long Jing are true masters of their work. Learners need 3 years to dominate the 10 different and precise movements to make with their hands and exercise the right pressure on the leaves during the roasting in the wok to mold them in flat folds leaving them with a bright green color therefore reaching the majestic flavor of long Jing. A good artisan can manufacture 1 kg per day of the best Long Jing. This artisan work explains why we are before an authentic and admired jewel.

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