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For this elegant tea, hight quality sorts of leaves from different tea bush varieties from the spring flush are selected. Leaves from non shaded tea bushes (roji-saibai) and other that have been shaded (kabuse-Saibai) are combined with the extraordinary one from the shaded variety Asatsuyu. A fine final sorting and the precise final heating show us the work and effort invested in the manufacture of this fantastic tea.

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Kisuke Hiyashi founded his tea garden in 1897 from seeds he brought back from Shizuoka. He was a tobacco producer and, on a trip to Tokyo to sell his tobacco he saw a tea garden from that province and found interest in this plant. He then decided to change from tobacco to tea. This means Kisuke’s tea plants are not the same ones that in 1320 were introduced in the province so the old tea bushes that are harvested in the area of the plantation are unique. In addition, Kisuke started the technique of hand rolling the tea in the region that at the time was sent to manufacture at Shizuoka where this technique was used.

Haruo Hayashi, the third generation invented the prototype of the Japanese tea harvesting machine. His son Osamu initiated the way of going back to harvesting the teas in a traditional and ecological way, this is, without pesticides. Today , the fifth generation owner of the land, Shutaro Hayashi works preparing the best possible organic fertilizers that help the plant to grow healthy with tasty leaves.

So, as we just saw, Shutaro is today the current owner of Kirishima Tea Garden. Besides the family tradition in the cultivation of tea , in addition Shutaro’s studies in agricultural sciences have helped to make this product really unique with a high improvement in he harvest and also in the plucking and manufacture of the teas.

Shutaro Hayashi dedicates his time and all his energy to his tea garden at 260 m.a.s.l. and in developing it step by step. This not only means that he is always looking for the best pieces of land in Kirishima to find new small plots of tea gardens. It also means that Shutaro finds and plants new varietals of tea plants for his already existiting lots of organic cultivation. These new varietals bring new notes of taste, color, fragances and opens new possibilities of combine them in new and diferent forms.

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