Té Ti Kuan Yin Imperial ( Fujian)


Semi oxidized tea with floral scent of white flowers ,sweet and roasted notes.


Due to its light oxidation, the flavor is mild and sweeter than traditional Oolongs. To produce this tea, 48 hours of monitored and controlled work are required. Up to 6 infusions can be made. We recommend lengthening the infusion each time it is repeated. “Famous for all eternity,” proclaimed Emperor Kangxi as he savored Tie Guan Yin. One of the heralds of the best teas that China has offered to the world throughout its history. This beautiful Wulong has an ancient tradition and legends about its origin tell old stories of gods, emperors and peasants. Native of Anxi, in the south of the province of Fujian (Min-Nan), the tea plants of the tie guan yin varietal are the chosen ones for the production and the manufacture in the twenty-seven villages and villages in the mountains that surround this city. The harvest of the highest quality, a little later than for great green teas, occurs towards the end of May when the leaves are larger, more mature and rigid, there are no buds and the stems become of an indispensable reddish brown for the formation of the characteristic aroma and flavor of Tie Guan Yin. Once .Once plucked, they are immediately taken to the manufacturing centers where each craftsman will give his personal touch. Thus, the leaves are left to wilt for 30 minutes in the sun and after being gently agitated they are passed to an indoor room where they will spend 6 more hours to finish this first step. In total 10 steps are required for the manufacture of this tea rolled into small spheres that will last between 36 and 40 hours and that includes traditional methods and more modern techniques although it is the knowledge and experience of the craftsman that dictates the smooth and just the right final heat applied to the leaves, so that they develop later in the cup their intense floral aroma and the sweet creaminess that have made this tea one of the most appreciated jewels by enthusiastic aficionados from all over the world. The 3 styles and the multiple qualities of Tie Guan Yin existing and therefore its price will depend on the quality and rigor from the field to the manufactured leaf.

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