Gran Lapsang Souchong (Fujian) Tea


Smoked black tea, light body and smoky flavor

From 7,50 to 75,00

This tea is grown and manufactured in the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province. The word Souchong (Xiao Zhong) means sub-variety since it is a variant of black tea. Once the leaves are plucked a somewhat complex manufacturing process begins. The withering is done with cypress or pine fire. Then the leaves are heated in pots and rolled. Once this is done they are pressed into wooden barrels covered in cloth so that they rust until they release a pleasant fragrance. In the next step the leaves are roasted once more, they are placed in bamboo baskets that are hung in rows over a pine fire so that they reach the optimum drying point and absorb the smell of the smoke. Legend has it that the smoking process was discovered by accident during the Qing dynasty when an army unit passed through a village called Xingcun and camped in a factory packed with fresh tea leaves ready to be prepared. When the soldiers left, the workers were able to return to their work and realized that they could not have the dry leaves in time to take them to the market, so they used pine wood to make bonfires and dry the tea more quickly. They managed to arrive on time creating a new product in turn. It was Sherlock Holmes’s favorite tea.

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