Pai Mu Tan (Fujian) Tea


White tea, fruity and floral. Very mild.

From 11,00 to 85,00

A new style of white tea began to be manufactured in Fujian province in the early twenties of the last century.It should not be compared to the traditional Silver Needle since it has, not only another appearance, but another manufacture and flavor. The varietal used is the same and the rigorous requirement in the plucking too. Here, attending to the 4 grades of quality, the selection of buds and leaves is different. The buds / leaves ratio implies, at first sight, those grades. In the higher degree we will find an intact, perfect bud and leaf. During the manufacture, the withering is done outside in the sun light, and inside with cold air but also, and here is another big difference, oven drying to dehydrate the high content of moisture in the leaves.

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