Paklum Tips (Guandong) Tea


Silver needle, mild and floral.

From 15,00 to 225,00

The traditional white teas, those that are harvested and manufactured in the surroundings of Fuding, Shuijue and Zhenghe in Fujian, are made only of buds (leaf shoots). Venerable teas, their beauty is thanks to the cultivar “Fuding” of big buds covered with a characteristic protective white hair, discovered in 1857 and widely used for the preparation of these teas. There exclusivity and rarity is found in the small production area and the meticulous pluck round that can only be done on days of perfect weather conditions, choosing only perfect buds. You need around 10,000 of bud to obtain 1 kg of finished tea. Its particular aroma and flavor resides in the apparent simplicity of its manufacture, with minimal human intervention. Dried on a bamboo screen under a dim sunlight, it is then dried in pots for 10 minutes at a precise temperature.

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